Friday, 15 February 2019

Literal Literature

This week I visited my local library. 
(Some people go to the pub. I go to the library)

It was time to revisit a book – Steal Like an Artist

It couldn't be found.


To the librarian, "Must be at another library".

"Worse", he said, "It's ten months overdue".

Oh, the literal irony.

Monday, 28 January 2019

The Book House

When the doll house entered our home it was taller than the kids (or one of the kids).

The doll house has stood in the living room enough time that it feels like a permanent fixture. When I noticed that it was played with less and less, I started to consider the future of the doll house. Rehoming the doll house was a viable possibility, but a part of me was not ready to let it go.

Space is an issue for people. We are such bowerbirds! And in the case of my family we are collectors of books. If the book brings joy, or has sentimental value, then it's a keeper. We've got a lot of keepers.

A while back, I noticed how perfect the doll house would have been as a book shelf. As soon as I had that thought, something just clicked in my head. I knew then, the doll house would not be rehoused.

Today the doll house stands exactly where it has for years. Instead of looking like the day after of a sorority party from a cheeky eighties film, it now has dignity. The book shelves in other parts of my home can now breathe. Previously we'd had double rows of books wherever there was a book shelf. It was a solution, but not fully manageable. Try finding a book that might be in the back row of any six shelves. Even the book shelf stacks in the kids' bedroom was feeling the pressure. Not now though. We can see all the books, as it was meant to be.

The new layout will make it easier for the kids to access the books they've never tried. It's all very exciting. What!? I can't be excited about books?



I am rereading The Hobbit, by Tolkien. The last time I read The Hobbit was well over twenty years ago. The fun thing about not having read the book in such a long period, and having never seen the related films, is it will feel like a brand new experience all over again.

Tuesday, 2 October 2018

The Weight of Her Hair

© Melissa Gaggiano
The little one wanted her hair to be short. In her words, 'to be like boys hair'. She doesn't have patience for brushing her own hair. Days would pass and then her mama would end up brushing the dreadlocked hair. So a hairdresser appointment was happily made.

I explained what the little one wanted, and the hairdresser said she would create a layered bob. Once she was done, the little one said 'shorter'. So, the surprised and hesitant hairdresser went even further with the chop and declared the little one to be brave. The guy who operated the hair salon was also awed by how short the do was turning out.

In this salon, in which the little one sat, there were full grown women, with heavily applied makeup and long tresses, wanting hair that shone more brightly than any other. The little one sat, taking her haircut most seriously, was more interested in being comfortable and carefree. She would not be satisfied with a sort-of-short-but-not-really do. She wanted a hairdo that wouldn't slow her down and distract from what was important: climbing, running, jumping, dancing, twirling, playing, building, drawing, reading, creating.

The result: The little one loves, loves, loves her short hair. And somehow the haircut has increased her muchness, if that could even be possible. It's as if the long hair had weighted down her spirit. And now her spirited little flame has turned up, the brightest crimson glow.

I thought about the hairdresser's comment, about the little one being brave: She is brave, but perhaps not in the way that the hairdresser was imagining. I believe the little one is kind and bold, the embodiment of bravery. More than anything though, the little one is brave, for being herself.

Monday, 12 March 2018


I'm writing. 
One. Word. At. A. Time. 
It's going to be epic. 
As in,
this is going
to take me 
an epically long
time to write.

Wednesday, 7 March 2018


A beguiling re-telling
Of the simply perfect
Relax in this statement
With ample use of cool
Demand more from life
Enjoy the journey
Create your very own
Inspired style
Always as unique as you

Friday, 16 February 2018

For the Spirit

Keeping up with,
downright exhausting.
Asked the owner of craft,
for some help,
around the globe.
Trends are set,
we follow them.
Most interesting
love affair with craft.
A fascination
for something exotic.
The year of,
"It's killing it".
We have more,
so it would take you more.
Be strong for the spirit,
but by the end,
it will be way
innate for human.

Sunday, 4 February 2018

I, Margot

to confront them
this is how it's done

breath blowing
jaw clenches
as if she might
she veers
righteous and petulant
stealing turn
an unlikely match

so fearlessly
she became so overwrought

we got so carried away
he slammed
for a moment I forgot I wasn't
he wasn't
I wasn't

she wanted her
I really did want
too much time with her
didn't want to do that

I'm so
nervous she said
I can't believe
she recently told
he goes
I was like
so absurd