Friday, 31 July 2009

Enriching Designs by Vanessa

A short while ago whilst blog surfing I came across a gorgeous blog known as Designs by Vanessa. It was such a colourful and inspirational site that I immediately contacted the owner, Vanessa Coppola and asked to interview her. To which, Vanessa kindly agreed. 

Where did your creativity begin?
I come from a long line of creative people so I think it is just in my genes. Since I was little, my dad encouraged me to paint, sculpt, draw, etc. and I was never forced to color inside of the lines! My grandmother taught me how to sew, crochet and how to make something fabulous and new out of something ordinary and old.
Describe the sort of things that inspire your designs?
Well if you have seen my shop, you can probably tell that I have a thing for birds. I describe myself as a girly girl who still loves nature. So with that said, I’m inspired by all things frilly but can still appreciate my natural environment.

Which artists do you admire? Explain why.
I admire my dad because I can see first hand how his passion for art has enriched his life. He has had horrible back problems for the past 10 years and when he goes into his studio to create he is able to better manage his pain. At the moment he is into Tin Art and I’m trying to convince him to open an etsy shop…he could be the Tin Man!
Many artists have their own process or meditative approach to fleshing out their ideas and putting that to paper. How would you describe your process for getting into ‘the creative zone’?
For me, my creativity comes in waves. Once an idea pops in my head I feel like I have to create it at that moment and I have been known to stay up all night to finish a project. Sometimes I’ll go for a week at a time where I don’t even enter my studio but that is what works for me.
As you see it, please describe your design style:
Like I mentioned before, I would describe myself and my design style as a frilly girly girl who still appreciated nature.
Looking at your shop I notice that the current focus of your paper goods is both birds and cupcakes. Where did your love of birds and cupcakes come from?
I’ve had a love for all things birdie ever since I was little and our home is decorated around birds. I think I started using them in my designs when I was inspired by a family of birds nesting right outside of our front door. Cupcakes are a new obsession after tasting Sprinkles cupcakes for the first time!

What other themes have you played with in past designs?
As far as my jewelry goes, I’ve worked with all types of beads/findings but decided to really focus on what I love…the classic pearl. My most recent line of cards to sell out were called Tree Hugger Cards.
Which tools and materials do you like best when crafting?
I love pearls, fabric and paper of course.

Now for the wacky question! Describe the tastiest breakfast you have ever eaten:
I’m a huge fan of strawberry crepes!

Visit Vanessa's online sites:

Also if you happen to be living in Phoenix, Arizona, the store Bunky Boutique stocks Vanessa's designs. For more information visit the Bunky Boutique website.

Thank you Vanessa, for participating in this interview.