Monday, 11 October 2010

Hats Off to Teri

Teri Redrup, a fresh face on the Australian fashion scene sits down to answer my annoying questions about her studies, work and dreams of fashion. 

Which fashion course have you been doing?
Currently I am studying costume at Ultimo TAFE in Sydney. I’m in my last year so we are just starting to research our final integrated project. I am pretty excited as this is the light at the end of the tunnel! and it is nice to pick a project that you are passionate about and that showcases all your strong points. It’s been a real pleasure to do the course, it has a good variety of subjects to work through and some amazing teachers.

Where did this love affair with clothing design begin?
:) I remember having a muppets toy when i was really young which you scribble over the top of to make an impression of different muppet character in different costumes... I also remember watching an episode of Oprah once where she had a fashion parade, also when I was very young, and I was totally blown away by this oversized orange jumper over purple leggings! so amazing haha. I’ve always been interested with clothing I guess, particularly the theatrical side of things.

Which work tools do you like working with best?
I have a tendancy to veer towards the more old-fashioned skills. I have studied millinery for a few years and really enjoy blocking a beautiful felt and the meditative quality of hand stitching. I’ve collected a few hat blocks and brims now and they are lovely even just as something sitting on the shelf.

Last year you worked with Romance Was Born making some hats. How did this come about? Describe the experience.
I was lucky enough to know Anna and Luke from RwB. Together we worked on a costume for a gorgous burlesque dancer  a few years ago. That worked out really well and then for the last 3 summer/spring shows I’ve been doing a bit of millinery and accessories for them. It’s always fun going in to their studio, they are inspiring and encouraging and I hope to be able to do more with them in the future.

Are there any fashion styles and eras that you have a particular fancy for?
The the first 50 years of last century are so elegant. I especially love the 30’s and 40’s. The sweater girl look is a fave of mine,I usually have a knitting project tucked into my handbag.

Are there any craft projects you haven’t already done, that you’d like to tackle one day?
A friend bought a knitting machine recently, and after having a little lesson on hers, I’m going to buy myself one for my birthday!

What do you plan to achieve for the future?
I change my mind frequently about what to do when I grow up! I love the idea of working as a milliner but I also enjoy working in fashion and bridal. I’ve met some great people in this industry that are very creative and enjoy what they do and have also managed to conquer the business side of things. Maybe one day I could do the same.
Photo © Six Photography