Friday, 31 October 2014

The Nonsensical Song

Melissa Gaggiano Photography

Storm, it’s in my way
‘Mysterical’ rage
Just making up words
That don’t mean a thing
Mysterious ways
Hysterical ways
Think that’s what I’m saying

Dreams flooding me
Day and night
Those waves keeping me awake

What can I say?
Now I am finding
Much too late
There’s no escape
From the places inside me head
They don’t know a thing
Won’t bring me peace
Don’t let me sleep

The worlds in my head
Are much bigger
So much more real
Than the shoes we try to fill
Time for a break
From all that we do

Just don’t lose the plot
Confusing what I know
With the things I can smell
But what do I know?
When my nose don’t work

Wake up in my world
Darkness pervades
Electric light
Carry me through
These shady nights
Fill up the corners of my mind

Living a second life
When I close my eyes

It’s all I see.

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