Sunday, 21 December 2014

List Girl

I’m a list girl and I’m not just talking exclusively about shopping lists. I may still do birthday wish lists. I do best episodes of ‘insert favourite show’ lists. Making up perfectly cheesy titles for Steven Seagal film lists. New potential creative project lists. Books I just have to read lists. The ultimate music list for the iPod, you know, in the unlikely event that space aliens take me away into the void of space where there may, or may not be good music. That’s the sort of thing I do.

My adventures with lists began in my teen years. Not really knowing my own mind I made lists of things I thought I wanted based on the books I read [IE Pen Pals] and shows I loved to watch [IE Blossom]. For a couple of years I lived with the belief that life would be perfect if I had the clothes on those lists. But of course I never got those things, which makes me suspect the thrill came more from writing the lists rather than the supposed acquisition of those imaginary items.

My love of the list carried through into adulthood and to very loosely quote a loved film [Clueless], ‘my main thrill in life is a list, it gives me a sense of control in a world full of chaos’. It can be said many a list has been my saving grace professionally. And perhaps to an outside observer my almost doubling up of lists might seem like overkill, though to my credit it meant nothing fell through the cracks.

My strangest list came about in my early twenties. I was still living with my folks and in a desperate bid to feel independence I saw my car as my apartment. I thought about what I would need to make my car less automobile and more of a squishy spaced bachelorette pad. Out I whipped the pen and pad, and began my list making. Over a matter of weeks my car came to be filled with the useful, strange and the just plain silly. On the back seat there was a plush monkey, a cushion, pillow, sleeping bag. Cue to the tiny boot and I had an unread novel [got through that quickly], a massive bag of chips [got through that even faster], there were rollerblades [because that was how I rolled], a Friends board game [not my thing, but seen as how the rest of the world just loved Jennifer Aniston I thought it sensible to have this in my car in the scenario that a random party took off at a friends house and I could whip out this board game cranking up the buzz to wild, crazy. Or, not!]. Though I can’t recall all of it there were probably a couple of other wack items packed into the boot to make that car feel like my special place.

So this is what happens when you’re a list person. And you might laugh and mock the habits of your ever so slightly mad, list making, potentially OCD friends. But face the infinite list induced facts, with a friend like this by your side you can be prepared for anything – be it space alien abduction, or a party just missing some board game action.