Wednesday, 21 October 2015


    I love Wonderland, truly I do. A drama set in a Sydney beachside apartment building. Unless it is Dr Who, I don’t usually get hooked on a show when it is first airing, but Wonderland definitely makes the A grade. So much so that husband and I practically planned our week around it. Watching Wonderland got us through the one day more difficult than Manic Monday – Speed Hump Wednesdays!

    But let it be known when you enjoy a season show this much there is sure to be a drawback. The half-year hiatus – it’s the stuff that gawd awful withdrawal symptoms are made of. There is, however, a light at the end of the telly tube – the DVD collection of Wonderland, yours, mine to own for those days when the Wonderland withdrawal is at its most unbearable.

Let me list ten things I love about Wonderland:

1. That song: For starters that theme song, “[Come on] Come Inside” is such a happy, perfect fit for the show. My kids have heard me singing it around the home and now even they love it.

2. Harry Hewitt, the seemingly unappreciated, quirky neighbour has proven to be an audience favourite. Whenever he appeared in an episode I always felt a little internal cheer. He started out as ‘that weird neighbour’ and became everyone’s hero when he supported his friends through depression and bad relationship issues. Harry, you're the dude!

3. For days after each episode, husband and I would be discussing and analysing every inch of every episode. Each episode followed an almost one worded theme and we saw how each couple handled that. Hats off to a show that has couples talking.

4. Watching Wonderland wasn’t a separate experience. The show never broke through the fourth wall, but as an audience I felt like I was right there in that world. I could believe these characters. They could have been my friends. In fact inside my brain they are my friends.

5. Villains we love to hate and love: In coffee shops and in offices there lurked villains of the heart. They were people who were equal parts human, misguiding and misguided. We watched these infiltrators [traitors?] as sirens distracting and driving the Wonderland inhabitants from their true love destiny. But for all their misdeeds there was always a part of me that understood them as nothing more than imperfect and perhaps broken human beings. You couldn’t help but like them just a little.

6. In the main title sequence of every episode paper dolls of the Wonderland cast line up is cut and dressed up. That is just the super cutest start up sequence I have ever seen for an adult show. I totally, love, approve and I want my own Wonderland paper doll set. Can we make it happen?

7. Favourite Wonderland moment? That has to be the mother-daughter wedding dance, season 1. The use of “Message to my Girl” by Split Ends literally kills me with love every single time I watch this scene.

Now, here's hoping for a fourth season of Wonderland in 2016. Please, please, please!

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Define 'Paradox'

    I must sleep. In order to sleep I must be horizontal, in the dark, with eyes wide shut.

    However I cannot obtain sleep due to maddening cough set off by being horizontal, in the dark. So I have enforced myself to sit up on the couch in an effort to let my husband sleep.
Coughing subsides, kind of… Still, I cannot sleep because I am not horizontal, in the dark.

    I am sleepy with sleep deprivation [Yeah! Try working that one out]. Ergo the 'paradox'.

Post script: Note to self - Swipe 4 y.o. daughter's dictionary and look up 'ergo'. Make sure I'm using late night clever word in correct context.

Post post script: Coughing subsided. Throat feels like it has turned to stone. Dare I try be horizontal, and in the dark again? Walk very slowly back to bed. Try not to wake the cough.

Five Whys and a How

The things we write at midnight when we simply cannot fall asleep...

Why is it that the only green thing about green tea is the green packaging?

Why do we suddenly have coughing fits only when it is time to be horizontal, unconscious, in the dark?

Why does my home not have a toe warming fireplace for me to lovingly reenact scenes from Wind in the Willows?

How does the untameable John Stamos tame that lion's mane of his?

Why does the fridge gurgle with indigestion?

Why is there cat hair inside the freezer? No really, why?