Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Define 'Paradox'

    I must sleep. In order to sleep I must be horizontal, in the dark, with eyes wide shut.

    However I cannot obtain sleep due to maddening cough set off by being horizontal, in the dark. So I have enforced myself to sit up on the couch in an effort to let my husband sleep.
Coughing subsides, kind of… Still, I cannot sleep because I am not horizontal, in the dark.

    I am sleepy with sleep deprivation [Yeah! Try working that one out]. Ergo the 'paradox'.

Post script: Note to self - Swipe 4 y.o. daughter's dictionary and look up 'ergo'. Make sure I'm using late night clever word in correct context.

Post post script: Coughing subsided. Throat feels like it has turned to stone. Dare I try be horizontal, and in the dark again? Walk very slowly back to bed. Try not to wake the cough.