Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Being Law

The Family Lawpremieres on SBS

    When ever I read aloud excerpts from Frankie mag, to my husband, more often than not it was articles written by Ben Law. I'd try very hard to read coherently, but for the most part I'd be ruining the story as my howls of laughter interrupted each line delivery. And my husband would be giggling along with me. 

    Sometimes I'm in on the buzz, but more often than not I'm the last to know when something amazing is coming to television. This time the latter is true. Just the other day did I learn that The Family Law is about to air on television [in fact it will  premiere tonight on SBS]. This series is based on Ben Law's memoir by the same title. As soon as I saw the online promo I instantly knew that I am going to plan the new few weeks around this show.

    Looking forward to the show and looking forward to reading the book, just as soon as I can get it out of the library.

    Oh, and check out the sweetest promo… I don't know about you, but I reckon all families in Australia are a bit like this.