Thursday, 18 February 2016

Being Brave

    If I am in with the lucky then hopefully my bravest act for 2016 will only be having to shave my head. However, having one's head shaved is no big deal, when compared to what are other people are facing every day. There are certainly people who face greater difficulties than one person's hair vanity. As my dad would say if I cut my hair and don't like the result, it's nothing that two weeks can't fix. So really is what I'm doing all that brave? I am of course speaking of people living their day to day lives with the threat and certainty of blood cancer. I can choose to let my hair grow back, but people battling cancer can't simply say to the illness to go away.

    Some say bravery is the conscious act of a fire fighter going in to battle a blaze. Others say bravery is the choice you make when you are handed a set of cards that are not in your favor. This is a philosophical point which I am sure greater minds than my own could argue ad infinitum.

    I think bravery can mean being scared and admitting to that fear. Bravery is being scared and still wanting to stand up to protect yourself and those you love. Bravery can be in making the toughest choice imaginable; Bravery is making the decision that others aren't prepared to make. Bravery can also mean letting go. I guess my point being that bravery cannot be summed up by one action or idea alone. Bravery can be acceptance of a situation or it can be putting your foot down and declaring yourself.

    You may not have cancer, and probably never will. But it is tempting fate to think it will never happen to 'me' - because that is when it usally does happen. Even so, the healthy 'you' may think cancer is an issue that doesn't affect you. But I'm willing to bet everyone in the country knows someone who has had a leukaemia diagnosis at some point. In fact the statistics state that 34 people are diagnosed with it every day. Can you imagine what an overwhelming number of people in the community that actually is?  So now that you know that, do you still think that the issue doesn't affect you? Or me?

    And that is why I have decided to shave my head... for the World's Greatest Shave! I am fundraising for Leukaemia Foundation Australia, an organisation that finances cure research and supporting people being treated for this illness. To sponsor me through this fundraiser, simply follow this link:

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