Friday, 29 April 2016

Love is… Many

© Melissa Gaggiano

Love is gran'ma feeding
Babes not her own.
Love is a boat ride,
Over freezing waters of hell.
Love is hope holding on,
Love is then letting go.

Love is blindness,
That knows no colour,
Love is a stranger’s kindness,
A smile, a hand up, help, hello
Love is a long distance driver,
That knows no limit.

Your love is big, in
The small things you do.
Your love is an educator,
Reprograms my view.

Love is diving,
Love is sinking,
When it is gone,
We drown in the hole.
Love is destruction
Pushing one on,
To yet another drink.

Love is the storm, destroyer,
The centre, the whole.
Love is many, splendid
And terrible things.

Love is…

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