Friday, 11 November 2016

Finding the Words

There are things I wanted to say in the past few days but have truly struggled to find the words to express such things. Another thing blocking my ability to write was not having something to say that could either solve or sooth a situation that is dividing a massive nation. I am in deed referring to the 2016 US election. What could one person say, really?

Politics should never be treated as a joke, because getting the job of protecting all your people and finding social and economic solutions for those people is a seriously important job. So, how did it happen that a self serving, mediocre business man [I use this titles ‘business’ and  ‘man’ rather loosely], with the attention span of a… Wait! What was I saying? Yes, well… how does someone like Donald Trump alienate so many Americans and still get a majority vote? There are a hundred bullet point answers to this question, which I’m not going into because people that are ten times more qualified than me have already covered it.

What I can say is this, for any country, and not just America, this is a wake up call to what happens when the people are so disillusioned by past and current governing bodies that they would grasp at any person offering an alternative lie.

Like any country trying to support itself, America needs help, but I don’t think it can come from a man who promises destruction to those who simply said no to him. People can improve themselves, sure, if that is a personal motivation for them, but I do not see Donald Trump as a person willing to put aside his insecurities and contempt to be the leader that America needs. Winning votes is one thing. But telling angry, frustrated tax payers what they want to hear is nothing compared to the truth – that there is seriously hard work to come for the President Elect – a man who seems to be trying on different roles like he’s working through a bucket list.

It was a painful week for American’s who had hoped for another outcome, and a disappointment to friends of those Americans. Many people discovered that while democracy is fair, it doesn’t always feel right. And yet what we can learn from history is that time doesn’t stand still. What is fact now can change tomorrow. Donald Trump isn’t president yet, so until then anything can happen. He may still take the oath, but with his history of wrongdoing it is only a matter of time before he messes up his own place setting in the white house. The people have voted, but they can vote again, and again. And they will.