Friday, 10 February 2017

The Return

    I am most definitely a nostalgia queen, but then who isn't? I think most everyone has one or two welcoming memories that brings warm, sweet comfort. My nostalgia not only lives in memories of things that happened. I am still to this day drawn to the books I read when I was a kid.

    Age should never be a determiner of when you have to put down a book. I think about Wendy from Peter Pan and how Mr Darling condemned his daughter to 'her last night' in the nursery. This was a choice that needed to come from her and not a fitful parent who he himself had forgotten how to play.

    I believe that one can grow up [mature] and still be imaginative and have the desire for play. This is an aspect that I believe grew from my generation. People growing up with computer games, and those game developers growing with those people. And we have adults with a love of collecting dolls, and vinyls that represent elements of their past. We revisit the books that we loved reading when we were children. Or, for the first time as adults we read the children's books that we might have first missed.

    At the moment I am rereading two old favourites. First there is Fourteen and Holding which is authored by Candice Ransom. I have been reading this while I do my daily 20 minute exercise quota on the stationery bike. It gets a bit boring trying to bike ride and count the number of bricks on the wall in front of me. So, I read a book instead – it makes the time pass faster. I was about nine years of age when I first read Fourteen and Holding, and while at the time it was hard for me to try something new, it became an enduring favourite to come back to many times over.

    The other past favourite that I've got on the go is Emily Climbs, by Lucy Maud Montgomery. I'm reading this one at the end of the day. On hot nights, such as it is now I like reading the Canadian descriptions and picturing myself walking around in the world that Emily inhabits. Emily Starr is lesser known than Anne Shirley from Montgomery's books, but she is one of my personal favourites.

    I put it to you, what were your favourite books from childhood?